Metalli Industrial

Focusing efforts on creating a better thermal management solution

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Core values and Our mission

Metalli core value principles and mission


We’re one thermal management technology company based on metal fabrication

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How to ensure your customized product get succeed

Our solution can meet your custom specification from concept、design to product realization



Since founded in 2008


our business expansion is continuing by 15% to 30% yearly


We have 2 business units


We have four production sites

What we do
Originated from metal fabrication, Nanjing Metalli has grown rapidly to be one expert in thermal management. We have been providing thermal solutions over 10 years for almost every industrial application field covering electronics, power generations, data centers, new energy, automobile, medical, chemical and construction machinery. From 2014, we’re under the name of Nanjing Metalli Industrial Co., Limited.



In September of 2008, our company was founded, and business is initially focused on heat exchanger materials trading in domestic market。


Our certificate

We have been qualified for achieving below certificates:
ISO9001、ISO14001、OHSAS18001、ROHS compliance

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Our Factory 

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Project Case

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Our Product Application

Auto industry、Heat exchange or transfer field、Machine & machinery、Household hardware、Entertainment amusement、sports、
Others like energy、computer and industrial hardware



Unraveling the Secrets of Ultra-Precision Polishing Machines

When people first hear about ultra-precision machining, it often seems like a mysterious, cutting-edge technology. Today, let Metalli guide you through the developmental history of this enigmatic technique.


CNC Machining Technology: Principles, Advantages, Applications, and Future Development

CNC machining is a technology that utilizes computer control to process parts on machine tools. It not only improves production efficiency and machining accuracy but also reduces labor costs and minimizes human operational errors.


Detailed Explanation of Gear Processing Methods - Forming Method

Definition of Gear Processing Forming Method: The forming method, also known as the shaping method, refers to the use of shaping tools with tooth profiles matching those of the gear to cut the tooth surfaces. This includes methods such as gear milling, gear hobbing, and gear shaping.

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